In July 2015, the Seves Group established a new Compliance Management System (CMS) in order to provide all business units and employees with basic guidelines that ensure proper business practices and standards. View the Compliance Management Overview in the available languages:

Compliance Booklet

The Seves Compliance Booklet offers an overview on the binding guidelines for the conduct of all business units and employees. It provides initial and quick guidance to promote ethical behavior in a challenging and changing business world.

The responsibility and duty of Seves and its employees are to always:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including anti-trust and anti-corruption laws and regulations);
  • Observe and promote high ethical business standards and be honest and integer;
  • Respect and treat fairly all colleagues, customers, suppliers, other business partners and various stakeholders;
  • Be loyal to Seves and protect its assets, confidential information, data and know-how;
  • Secure the health and safety of colleagues and neighbors;
  • Protect the environment.

Download the Compliance Booklet in the available languages:

Code of Conduct

We at Seves, are committed to doing business only in full compliance with all laws and regulations and in line with high ethical standards. With effect as of 15 July 2015 Seves has established a Compliance Management System (CMS) to ensure that the operations of Seves and the conduct of its Employees are in full compliance with its principles and values.

This Code of Conduct provides the legal and ethical framework for the conduct of all directors, officers and employees of Seves and defines the rules of conduct within Seves and in relation to its business partners, customers, suppliers and the general public. It also reflects the underlying values pursued by Seves, including in particular with respect to employment, health and safety at work and product safety as well as environmental protection.

It is complemented by more specific guidelines for selected important areas (such as anti-trust and anti-corruption) and the appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer supported by local Compliance Representatives.

Download the Code of Conduct in the available languages:

Integrity Line

Seves Group S.à r.l. (“Seves Group”) established an “Integrity Line” (also called “whistleblowing line”) where non-compliance issues can be reported. The Integrity Line of Seves is a web-based system which provides for a high degree of data security. It can be accessed via Seves’ website under the new section “Compliance” and is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The Integrity Line concerns all entities of Seves Group.

In the context of the Integrity Line, Seves Group S.à r.l., acting as data controller, will process personal data of its employees and third parties reporting any misconduct, notably their name, surname, address, e-mail address, function, services provided, professional assessment, information concerning a report related to a potential breach (the “Personal Data”), for the purposes of the prevention of fraud and misconduct in respect of accounting internal accounting controls, auditing matters and the fight against corruption and bribery, banking and financial crime, conflict of interest, violation of environmental laws and regulations, violation of health and safety regulations, discrimination and harassment of employees, and anti-competitive behavior (the “Data Processing”).

The contact person for the reporting person is an external law-firm. Therefore, all reports and any communication between the reporting person and the law-firm is protected by the professional secrecy obligation of an attorney. If required by the reporting individual, the reports can be made anonymously (unless this is not permitted under local law) or the reported facts will be forwarded without disclosing the identity of the reporting person.

The reports and related Personal Data may then, if relevant, be communicated in writing or orally to the Chief Compliance Officer of the Seves group for review. Seves' Integrity Line is a multilingual system. This means that the reports can be made in any of the relevant languages used at Seves.

The employees and any third parties concerned by the data processing described above have a right of information regarding the Data Processing and the right to request the correction, amendment or deletion of your Personal Data. These rights can be exercised by written request sent to:

Mr. Corrado Piroli, Chief Financial Officer
Seves Group S.à r.l.
6, rue Jean Monnet
L-2180 Luxembourg.

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Should you have any questions regarding the Seves Compliance Management System, please contact either the Chief Compliance Officer or one of the Local Compliance Representatives below:

Judith Villié -
+33 1 46 14 15 43


Elen Castilho -
+55 21 99306 - 2433

Sandrine Boirat -
+1 514 739 4490

Jialin Cao -
+86 13801993302

Claire Mury -
+33 1 46 14 15 23

Federica Scannerini -
+39 055 776 1406

Kim Murrell -
+1 901 277 1844

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